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I am Dr. Paulo Cesar Morocho Escandón, I am from Ecuator, and I have a problem with my BlackBerry Pearl 8100, my PIN is 244FDAED, IMEI: 359675014239525 and BT MAC: 00 1C CC 75 E7 4A. PDR-11929-043. Model: RBE41GWTwo weak ago while I had left to charge the battery all night, I woke up next morning, I found my Blackberry’s screen with the message which say: ERROR ……., I did know what to do, I decided to go to the center where I bought this phone new 11 months ago.Later, they told me that BlackBerry’s company doesn’t warranty this item if it has a scratch, so I asked to support with this problem, They told me, they will try to fix but don’t ensure nothing.Seven day later, they told me that my BlackBerry does not work; there is not anything that they can do with that problem. So they suggested that I should throw it out because it doesn’t work and they tried to fix but that Blackberry’s patent don’t let to solve that kind of problem. They told me that the problem is about BlackBerry's software So I have many questions about this:1. What is the problem with your BlackBerry Software that it could get damaged with extremely ease. Because I didn’t bang or beat it. I don’t install other software. So what is the problem?2. Blackberry's company sell a lot of phones around of world, you have an excellent warranty document but it don’t work when your product get damaged without cause, so your sellers (Stakeholder: MOVISTAR IN ECUATOR) look for the tiny problem, by the way they eliminate Blackberry's warranty. Why prestige companies choose bad sellers? It is your case?3. I tried to complain for this act of injustice but again your answer was so funny, they told me that if I want to complain I should communicate to you in Canada. This is the kind of support that you pretend to give? 4. Do you know “Responsibility Corporate”? I recommend looking for someone who teaches you what is the importance of responsibility corporate in your company. My company CONSULTORA L&M CIA LTDA right now is demanding one company in my country for this situation so I really recommend that you really do something to solve these kinds of problems.5. What do you recommend to do with my “New BlackBerry Damaged”? throwing to garbage, to put its picture in Facebook, MySpace, etc; to sell someone or what kind of action you recommend?Sincerely, I appreciate your attention that you give to the present email; I hope your answer as soon as possible. If you know more information let me knowDr. Paulo MorochoCHAIRMAN OF ALLMED GROUPEcuador, Cuenca, Rio Paute y Machalilla 1-35; code postal: EC010113 , phone number 593 7 2870842, 593 7 98692169PD: I recommend reading • LICENCE TO OPERATE, BHP Sustainability Full Report 2006: Http://suatainability.bhpbilliton.com/2006/ • CODE OF CONDUCT: Http://www.ibe.org.uk/codeofconduct.htmlHttp://ftse4good.comHttp://www.sustainability-indexes.com/

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